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Quil Carter
Steamed Up
Amy Rae Durreson, Eli Easton, Bell Ellis, Kim Fielding, Anka Grace, R.D. Hero, Mark Lesney, Augusta Li, Mary Pletsch, Angelia Sparrow, Layla M. Wier

Game On

Game On - Olley White
Very nice and cute gay-nerd for you story.
Loved the skating bits and the British setting.
It is a pity that there was no bye-bye-butt-virginity scene..

But there were dogs and cats!!


Bird Meets Cage

Bird Meets Cage - Anyta Sunday I read it all in one breath, under a beautiful starry sky. Simply flawless, not a single word wasted.

A great story for a great prompt and an awsome cover.

Why are you standing there, looking so sadly at the stars?
—Because I want one to fall, to make a wish.

Think Of England

Think Of England - K.J. Charles What can I say? simply wonderful. Interesting, solid plot; appalling carachters, great writing.
Loved it!

Strength of the Pack

Strength of the Pack - Kendall McKenna Dnf at 50%

Nice smexy time with lots of biting and smelling and moon howling, but aside from that I got bored quite soon. No plot, no character development.
My brain won on other body parts.

BR with Mish and Marco



Spirit - John Inman
A very enjoyable read, with a very funny and well sketched main character and a lot of hilarious moments.

Although the plot is a bit predictable and the presence of a very gross kid* almost killed all the hot sexual scenes, I highly recommend it as a nice funny and slightly creepy read.

*I'm kidding, the kid is adorable. Gross, but adorable.

"I like being around you. I dig the hell out of having sex with you. I get a funny feeling inside when I think of you.”

Keeping Promise Rock

Keeping Promise Rock - Amy Lane dnf at 30%

this is not a book, it's a list of obituaries and bad luck and soap opera dramas!

Maybe I would have appreciated it more if I'd read it a year ago.

But on the bright side I can use a Karen Walker's gif!!

This was me while reading:


Dark Space

Dark Space - Lisa Henry
Very enjoyable read. Nice setting, vintage sci-fi atmosphere à la Battlestar Galactica (it's set on a space ship with no email and where you can buy coffee and chocolate at a vending machine, with coins!!), awesome characters and a beautiful sexy love story.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I'd like to award this book with my special prize:


the Oscar for the best bye-bye-butt-virginity* scene goes to .. [b:Dark Space|16174363|Dark Space (Dark Space, #1)|Lisa Henry|https://d.gr-assets.com/books/1354020610s/16174363.jpg|22023544]!!

*All rights reserved to Heather

Thanks to my BR group. If I had a transporter, I'd materialize myself to each of you for a hug.

"Beam me up, Scotty!"


I'm kidding, if I had a transporter right now I'd be in Jensen Ackles' shower..


BR with Sofia, Rosa, Otila and Therese.

The Mating of Michael

The Mating of Michael - Eli Easton
One of the best Eli Easton's books I've read so far.
Deeply emotional and with the right amount of lighthearted moments.

As a SF geek, I appreciated all the references to the science fiction movies and books. (And Lamb's story: a book in the book, awesome idea)

As a man with some intimacy issues, I found Michael's character and the interactions with his clients very believable and heart warming. I had a few doubts about the sex surrogacy thing, but Easton did an awesome job at describing it. I believe that the key word to fully understand Michael's character is compassion

"The kind of compassion you have is like a diamond—won under tremendous pressure"

As a reader who loves to stalk interact with authors, I liked a lot J.C. insecurities about his books and his inner struggle with his public persona

"Readers like to feel they know authors these days"
I plead guilty!!

As a romantic fool, I loved the relationship between the MCs.. it was simply .. wow.

"Never, ever underestimate a man's ego"

Truer words were never spoken!

"Maybe life was stranger than fiction. A few hours ago, he'd been in one of the darkest moments of his life, and now, right now, he was in the happiest, most incandescent stillness. Joy. Please. God, let me have this, at least for a while"

Yes God, just once. Please?

A tear-jerker read, but in a cathartic way.


Minor complaint: the HEA was too happy for my taste and the evil Mom too easily forgiven.

Buddy read with a very patient man.

Language Lessons

Language Lessons - Jay Bell 3.5 stars

Lovely short story about a horny and annoying teenager
who slowly finds out what love is. Loved how the author wrote such a cute story with such a flawed MC.

Simple but highly true quote:

Without Scott, I just sit around wasting my life. But when we're together, every minute feels too important to waste, so I try to be the best person I can for him while trying to make him feel as special as he makes me feel

Steamed Up

Steamed Up - Amy Rae Durreson, Eli Easton, Bell Ellis, Kim Fielding, Anka Grace, R.D. Hero, Mark Lesney, Augusta Li, Mary Pletsch, Angelia Sparrow, Layla M. Wier The never ending BR with MiʂħүJѻ who makes me wake up at dawn to read with her.

read 7-18-14: Five to One - Angela Sparrow
Rating: 3 stars
Review: sweet but too short!! I want more.

read 7-20-14: The Clockwork Nightingale's Song - Amy Rae Durreson
Rating: 2.5 stars
Review: romantic but off-page-sex?? Why??

read 7-26-14: Ace of Hearts - Mary Pletsch
Rating: 2 stars
Review: A love story between a shy air mechanic and an Ace pilot. Recommended for 8/10 y/o kids

read 8-1-14: Caress - Eli Easton
Rating: 5 stars
Review: Perfect. This story is worth the whole book. And it's about hands. Mechanical hands. I love hands.

read 8-3-14: The Galatea's Captain - Anka Grace
Rating: 2 stars
Review: Boring insta-love mixed with prosthetic hands and legs stuff

read 8-24-14: Screws ~ RD Hero
Rating: 3.5 stars
Review: All Julius (eh) ever wanted was to become an inventor. He ends up working in a factory and falling in love with a hot steel worker. Interesting author.

Like and Subscribe

Like and Subscribe - Jay Bell 3.5 stars

Cute and adorable and refreshing. Loved it

Subject 19

Subject 19 - Todd Young Not my cup of tea.
I suppose this is one of those books you either love or loathe.
Well, I didn't love it..

Where Willows Won't Grow

Where Willows Won't Grow - Lia Black
Oh my god; this story is awesome. Dark, twisted, pervy and at the same time deeply emotional and romantic. The sci-fi setting was perfectly crafted and the epilogue highly satisfying.

My favorite part: the auction. So scary and arousing!

My favorite quote:

What a fucked up time to realize a new kink

Almost every imaginable kink was contemplated, even a few I didn't know existed.
I don't know if the Author read my mind or has somehow gained free access to my browser history but she really fulfilled many of my darkest fantasies. Even tentacle sex!!

A huge thanks to Lia for creating this wonderful free work of art out of my prompt and to all the volunteers who made the Love Landscape's event happen.


Gay Like You

Gay Like You - Kim Dare Too short and rushed. Insta-love, extended loving family, endearments and BDSM don't blend in too well. Not in so few pages at least.
But I learned a new word: besotted. Who says that MM books are not educational??

Buddy read with Mish and Sandra ♥

Ps: I am besotted by.. it's a secret!!!!


Gaydar - Kim Dare In my next life I want to be a Dominant.

Matt is a very unlucky guy with a past of abuse (well handled by the author) and with an obvious lack of self-confidence:

“I still don’t get why a guy like you would be interested in a guy like me,*” Matt whispered, somehow not able to keep the words back.

Flynn is a Dominant bartender and he's going to take care of Matt's insecurities in a very interesting way..

“No,” Flynn repeated. “If you want to stay in this bar, fine. But while you’re here, you belong to me.”

Out of my comfort zone, but I liked it a lot. Pity that it's so short :(

Buddy read with my Mistress Mishyjo.

*If I had a nickel for every time I had the same thought, I would be living in a Manhattan penthouse now.

Mr. Jaguar

Mr. Jaguar - K.A. Merikan Unfortunately, this didn't work for me. The lack of chemistry between the MCs left me cold.