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Recovery (Salvage Stories)

Recovery (Salvage Stories) - Con Riley
4.5 stars

It's hard to read a book when you constantly have to wipe your tears, but in this case it was worth the effort.

Sequel to [b:Salvage|18345321|Salvage (Salvage Stories, #1)|Con Riley|https://d.gr-assets.com/books/1376934098s/18345321.jpg|25882223], this book (as the previous one) is a rare example of MM romance beautifully written and perfectly crafted.

I'm not Jamie, but all over the book I've been by his side; I craved alchool when he did; I loved and hated Owen as much as he did; I felt pity and rage and sorrow for the horrible things happened in his past; I longed for Daniel's self-confidence and acceptance; I've seen the world through the lenses of his camera.

Kudos to the author for giving life to such a deep and unforgettable character. She dealt with tough topics with rare sensitivity and respect.

*I received a free copy of this title in exchange of nothing. Thank you Ms Riley for this beautiful and unexpected gift*