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Liam Davis & The Raven

Liam Davis & The Raven - Anyta Sunday, Caroline Wimmer, Teresa Crawford, Lynda Lamb, HJS Editing Liam Davis’ life is almost totally focused on his career in journalism. He is a smart guy, a bit clumsy and has a sort of deadpan humor.
He is not a workaholic neither a nerd: he is just different from most of his peers. His unexpected assignment to the party-page of the University’s newspaper will change his life for the better with new friends and something more. On the background a nice mystery plot involving a dark and enigmatic vigilante.

The story is told from Liam’s POV but every single character is fully developed and three-dimensional.

The reason why I love Anyta Sunday’s books is that her characters feel so real and different from what I usually find in this genre. It’s always a breath of fresh air amidst the usual hot beefy cops, hunks and jocks. Liam Davis & The Raven has once again confirmed my thoughts.

My only complaint: I found the sex part a bit flat and cold, as if the author had felt compelled to add it. Maybe it’s my fault: after reading tons of m/m books I became too demanding.

Highly recommended.