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All In with the Duke

All In with the Duke - Ava March 2.5 stars, nice but easily forgettable.
A duke falling for a prostitute in early 1800's London. Due to a former love delusion the Duke of Idontrememberwhatthehell resorts to hire Tristan, beautiful male prostitute, in order to fulfill his sexual appetites and light bdsm kinks. What starts as a business arrangement quickly becomes a love story.
I’m not an expert and I may be wrong but the historical setting felt a bit inaccurate:
1822. Male prostitutes working permanently in a brothel? strange
1822. A sort of sexy shop in Bond Street selling dildos and leather cuffs? Boh
I don’t want to put you off because this book is well written and full of steamy hot sex scenes; my rating is most likely affected by my previous reading of [b:The Gentleman and the Rogue|7871930|The Gentleman and the Rogue|Bonnie Dee|https://d202m5krfqbpi5.cloudfront.net/books/1268740279s/7871930.jpg|11050306]
(similar plot, but much more joyful and entertaining than this one)