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The Tin Box

The Tin Box - Kim Fielding
What a wonderful book.

Will and Colby’s story is refreshing and believable. Before starting this read, I was stuck in a reading slump: reading about two guys who are neither hot gay cops nor twinky shy damsels in distress* was a real shot in the arm. As Mishyio wrote, Colby is a ray of sunshine . He’s flamboyant, out and proud but at the same time lonely and scared. One of the best MM characters I’ve come across lately. And you won't find the one-two-three fingers here, just two everyday guys having funny clumsy playful sex togheter.

On the other side Bill’s letters were heartbreaking and moving. It's important that the topic of treating homosexuality as a disease to be cured (and more in general the atrocities committed in the name of science) is never forgotten and the author should be highly praised for it.
Highly recommended.


*Disclaimer: I do not have nothing against hot gay cops!!