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Worth Keeping

Worth Keeping - Susan Mac Nicol Dnf at 50%.

I really tried to finish this one, just to prove Loeder “certain people” wrong. But let’s face it, I can’t.

I’m tired of authors who employ the theme of male sexual abuse as a mere plot device and/or for a dramatic effect only. It sounds.. sick.

The plot: suicidal man meets suicidal man. After their double failed suicide attempt, their first thought is to be in each other’s pants. Sure, why not? But there’s a problem (life can’t be easy, you know). One of them never bottoms nor tops and the other doesn’t swallow..


In a vain attempt to give depth to the abuse theme, the Author is proud to let us know that Nick, raped horrifically as a boy, has gone through several therapists and psychological counselling.

They were called active sexual therapists. They would teach you about sex by doing it with you, teach you about how ways to give and receive pleasure in a way you were comfortable with. Based on how you reacted to men or women they tried to guide you into a path that felt right for you

I hope this a product of the Author’s wicked fantasy, because the thought of sending a teenager rape victim to a brothel concealed as a sex clinic really scares me to death. Please, tell me it isn’t true.

Oh, but there are a few hilarious moments, meant to lighten up the atmosphere, like when Owen spots a boy who’s gone to the lighthouse with his teacher and classmates on a school trip.

The boy reached down inside his trousers and started stroking himself. He was fairly hidden by the shade of the ridge of pine trees that fringed the hillside and no doubt thought he was out of sight. Owen nodded. “I take it you were enjoying the scenery then?” His eyes travelled down to the boys groin where the ridge of his erection could be clearly seen. The teenager glared at him. “And if I was? What’s it to you?”
Owen gritted his teeth at the teens attitude. “The man you were just wanking yourself off to happens to be my boyfriend. And while I’ll admit he’s a perfectly good male specimen to wank off to, I have a problem when someone else does it.”

I’ve been a horny teenager, but I never "chocked the chicken" in plain sight during a school trip. It wouldn’t have helped my (already low) popularity amongst my school friends. Am I the weird one?

And the evil ex-boyfriend was simply ridiculous.

As a friend of mine once said, time better spent doing grocery shopping .

Let's quickly forget about this one.