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The Quarter Boys

The Quarter Boys - David Lennon
I got hooked by this book since the incipit:

Father Kenneth Brennan lay face down on the bed of his hotel room. He was naked, his wrists and ankles bound to the scarred wooden posts of the bed. Now this is a vacation, he thought. “How does that feel, baby?” a soft voice purred near his right ear. “That feels great,” Brennan replied in his best husky, porn-star voice. “You’re so fucking hot.”

Needless to say, Father Brennan won’t survive the first chapter..

New Orleans, summer 2004. A group of very well portrayed characters:

Detective Michel Doucette : a closeted cop, a pragmatist, always studying the situation, searching for the logic, scared of the idea of love.
“My whole life I’ve felt like I had to be perfect. The perfect little boy. The perfect student. The perfect cop. But mostly the perfect son. I was afraid to do anything that might disappoint my mother.”
“He liked to maintain a comfortable emotional balance, never soaring too high or dipping too low.”

Joel Faulkner : a 23 y.o. kid just arrived in town hoping to start a new life. He’s young and he doesn’t think about consequences or tomorrow; his naïveté will soon put him in danger: will Michel be able to help him escaping from a world of drugs and prostitution before it’s too late?

Alexandra "Sassy" Jones Michel’s partner, amazing side character.
Anyone meeting Sassy for the first time would have been struck by the irony of her name, which conjured images of a loud, boisterous, fast-talking woman. The reality was a composed, assured woman who understood that an economy of words increased the impact of each.

Add a couple of drag queens with a mysterious past, a bunch of young boys and a serial killer on the loose and you’ll have a very good mystery, well written and enjoyable.