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Little Boy Dead: A Boystown Prequel

Little Boy Dead: A Boystown Prequel - Marshall Thornton
3.5 stars

Prequel to the Boystown series, Little Boy Dead is set right after Nick’s layoff from the Police Department. I believe that the Author’s purpose was to show a different side of Nick: he’s younger (both in age and in spirit), less “cocky”, insecure about his own future and still emotionally attached to Daniel, his former lover. As usual Mr. Thornton did a very good job.

What didn’t work for me was the mystery plot: a bit predictable and with an anticlimax ending. The culprit’s confession was too easy and unbelievable (like the ones seen on “Murder, she wrote” Tv show). The reference to Roman Polansky outrage was quite obvious.

Nonetheless, I liked it a lot. There’s a hot steamy sex scene in front of a window which left me aroused and deeply scared at the same time and there are a few beautiful passages.. like this:

“Walking in, I recognized the smell; it smelled like all police stations: stale tobacco smoke, mixed with the faint smell of urine, a meatball sandwich and fear – lots of fear. (…) Yeah, I recognized the way the place smelled, and I felt right at home.”

And the last few pages left me craving for …. mooooooooooore.