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An Old-Fashioned Love Song

An Old-Fashioned Love Song - Michelle K. Grant 3.5
My first close encounter with Bdsm* and I have to admit it was a very good one. Seth is a newbie in the D/s world and very determined to follow his path toward submission. Thanks to the meeting with Malachi, a hot and very believable Dom, he’ll find a satisfying sexual relationship and much more. A supportive family acts as a well sketched side character.

Favorite quote:

In college, I figured out I was definitely bi. But recently a friend pointed out I am more pansexual than anything else.” “What does that even mean?” “It means among the people I have played with, you will find people of both gender identities, that don’t always match their gender of birth. I’m attracted to people of different races, body types, heights, hair coloring and personality.

*Side note: other reviewers pointed out that this is a light BDSM read; I found it quite heavy and realistic (breath play, ropes, whipping, gags..). Now I wonder what heavy BDSM is.. but I don’t want to find out. Please.