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Gaydar - Kim Dare In my next life I want to be a Dominant.

Matt is a very unlucky guy with a past of abuse (well handled by the author) and with an obvious lack of self-confidence:

“I still don’t get why a guy like you would be interested in a guy like me,*” Matt whispered, somehow not able to keep the words back.

Flynn is a Dominant bartender and he's going to take care of Matt's insecurities in a very interesting way..

“No,” Flynn repeated. “If you want to stay in this bar, fine. But while you’re here, you belong to me.”

Out of my comfort zone, but I liked it a lot. Pity that it's so short :(

Buddy read with my Mistress Mishyjo.

*If I had a nickel for every time I had the same thought, I would be living in a Manhattan penthouse now.